BADFINGER / The Iveys, Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Bob Jackson  ‎– The Tragic Story Of Badfinger (Book + CD) #803 of  1000 made in NEW, unread condition / CD unplayed / (by Dan Matovina)

Badfinger - Titel: Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger (Hard Cover Edition Book + CD)

Auteur Dan Matovina

Editie illustrated

Uitgever Frances Glover Books, 1997

ISBN 0965712214, 9780965712217

Lengte 436 pages

Condition: NEW condition. unread - Hard Cover Edition plus CD

Limited edition: personal number #802 of 1000 made.

Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger by Dan Matovina Signed/Numbered Limited Hardcover First Printing with Bonus CD.  Mint Condition - Out of Print.** Track Listing on Bonus CD (all previously unreleased versions): 1) Good Times Together (Evans) 2) Uncle C (Evans) 3) Without You (If It's Love) (Ham) 4) Without You (I Can't Live) (Evans) 5) Carry On Til Tomorrow (Evans/Ham) 6) Just How Lucky We Are (Ham) 7) Doesn't Really Matter (Ham) 8) Ringside (Ham) 9) Lost Inside Your Love (Evans) 10) I Won't Forget You (Jackson)

Book and CD. The story of Badfinger is among the most tragic in the history of rock'n'roll. They were championed by the Beatles, yet their two principal songwriters committed suicide. An expose of the music business, Without You also serves as a tribute to the band's work. This revised edition includes a CD of over 72 minutes of music and interviews, 300 photos, complete listing of studio dates and concerts, and a discography.

The story of the British rock group Badfinger is told in this book, using information from interviews with family and friends of the group. The group were responsible for such hits as Without You, but the two principle songwriters committed suicide before seeing the rewards of their success.


The Road To Swansea 1

Apple Of Their Eye 31

If You Want It Here It Is 61

Success It Had To Be 83

Take It All 113

Money For Fun 155

Where Do We Go From Here? 199

Got To Get Out Of Here 233

Over You 343

Afterword 395

Bibliography Discography 419

Iveys Live 425

Badfinger Live 429

IveysBadfinger Studio Sessions 432

Photo Credits 434

Index 436

Take Your Seat By The Ringside 275

Back on the Airwaves 301

some quotes:

Another case where amazingly, everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. That's the appeal here, even if you are not a fan (how could that be?) of their legacy of beautiful music. It's been all but forgotten by folks younger than me. Inevitable, but sad nonetheless. One of the few good things about being old is that I got to see Badfinger live with all 4 original members. One of the innumerable cases where the record industry gobbles up naive, unsophisticated and trusting talent, but perhaps the most tragic.

This is the saddest story in rock music. If you are a musician, interested in music management, or are an attorney, I suggest that you get your hands on this out of print book. It's a sad lesson in Protect Your Copyright, Get Everything In Writing and Read What You Sign.

Matovina details the origin of Badfinger from their early roots as The Iveys to Badfinger and beyond. The book is out of print and I had to order it through library loan, but it is an engaging read. The tragedy is basically two fold. One is that two members commited suicide ( a third passed away in 2005 )and second is that the band was wrecked by a heartless manager.

Their story is probably the most tragic in rock in that there was talent there and true passion from a band who was getting screwed by their management keeping money from them. Matovina is very thourough in his writing and leaves no stone unturned. It was hard to put the book down once I started it, but I have always had an interest in Badfinger and their music.

The book was worth the read and I highly recommend it to any music fan. Badfinger could never really escape comparisons to the Beatles because they were signed to their Apple lable in the later 60's and this sort of attachment kind of haunted the band with every new album release because that was a lot to live up to.

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BADFINGER / The Iveys, Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Bob Jackson ‎– The Tragic Story Of Badfinger (Book + CD) #803 of 1000 made in NEW, unread condition / CD unplayed (by Dan Matovina)

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