ERICH KUNZEL, CINCINNATI POPS ORCHESTRA - Symphonic Star Trek ( Telarc CD-80383) USA 1996 2CD-Set

CD, Booklet, Inlay: NM (mint-) well preserved archive copy - CD, booklet and inlay in great condition | maybe played once, if ever....   

1Into The Final Frontier1:13
2Main Theme From Star Trek: The Next Generation1:44
4End Title From Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country4:55
5The Destruction Of Praxis And Its Aftermath1:03
6Main Theme From Star Trek: Voyager1:42
7Starship Flyby0:14
8Main Theme From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine2:01
9Alien Probe0:48
10Humpback Whale Song1:27
11Main Title From Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home2:42
12Main Theme From Star Trek (Original TV Series)3:44
13Tribble Trouble0:38
Suite From Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
14Main Title3:16
16End Credits5:41
17Bird-Of -Prey Decloaking0:16
18"The Klingon Battle" From Star Trek: The Motion Picture5:26
19Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture3:52
21"A Busy Man" From Star Trek V: The Final Frontier4:12
22Genesis Project: The Creation And Evolution Of TINSIS2:58
23Suite From The Menagerie (Original TV Pilot)7:34
25Main Theme From Star Trek III: The Search For Spock6:08
26Nexus Energy Ribbon0:59
27End Title From Star Trek: Generations4:08
28The Borg (Bonus Track)



Recorded at Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, tracks [2], [4], [6], [8], [25], [27] - October 29,1995;
[21] - October 16, 1989;
[11], [14] - [16], [18] - September 15-16, November 24, 1996;
[19], [23] - September 17, 1984;
[12] November 21, 1983

Digital Console: Yamaha DMC-1000
Digital Workstations: SADiE, Sonic Solutions, Digidesign Turbosynth / SampleCell
Digital Recorders: Mitsubishi X-86E, Tascam DA-88 / Prism MP-2024T 24-bit interface
20- to 16-bit Encoding: Apogee UV-1000 Super Resolution CD Encoder

Monitored through:
Mark Levinson No. 36 20-bit DAC
RSP Circle Surround Pro Decoder
Bryston custom crossover
Bryston 4B NPB & 5B ST amplifiers
Waveform Mach 10 custom surround loudspeakers by Waveform, Inc.
Music Interface Technologies 2C-3C Holographic Interconnects
Monster Cable Series I, M1.5 Interconnects

The Music Hall ambiance, sound effects, and synthesizers in this recording are enhanced by Spatializer® and Circle Surround® encoding creating a three-dimensional surround sound listening experience using two ordinary stereo speakers. No decoding equipment is required. To fully realize the listening experience use of a Circle Surround® decoder and properly set up surround system is recommended. This recording is fully compatible with Dolby Pro-Logic®, Dolby Surround®, and THX® decoders.

Pro-Spatializer® trademark of Spatializer Corporation; Dolby® and Dolby Surround® trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation; Circle® trademark of Rocktron Corporation; THX® trademark of Lucas Film Arts Corporation.

Sound effects for this recording were created entirely by Telarc international corporation.

Telarc 20-bit

Caution! Sound effects set to stun!

CAUTION! Digital Sound Effects at high levels with infrasonic frequencies to 5 Hz. Please establish safe playback levels before playing. Excessive playback levels could result in damage to equipment.

This recording was not created, approved, licensed, or endorsed by any entity involved in creating or producing the Star Trek® television series or films.

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ERICH KUNZEL, CINCINNATI POPS ORCHESTRA Symphonic Star Trek ( Telarc CD-80383) USA 1996 2CD-Set

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