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«Wow, another holy grail in my collection thanks to you Hans! Spot on grading and very attentive ...»

Jim Wynand Holland

Hans the Magnificent
«Time and again, Hans turns up uber rarities I cannot find anywhere else. Consequently, my collec ...»

Pete Bysom Portland

«One more time, a prompt, friendly and professional service. Than ks a lot. Viva Hans!»

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Welcome to Kesteloo

My name is Hans Kesteloo and I finally decided to sell my ‘remaining’ collection of 45’s, LP’s, CD’s, DVD’s, laserdiscs and other odd things after 45 years of ‘hardcore’ collecting. I purchased my first 45 in 1965, and this was the beginning of an enjoyable, long-time hobby – a real-time “collector’s career”.

As many of you know, I sold my 60’s garage and psychedelic collection in the mid- to late eighties. Now it’s time to sell the “leftovers”.
Please stay tuned, since this site will continuously grow. All items here are for sale for the price stated and are all guaranteed.

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